Timmy Bauer

Timmy is a kids book author by day, content strategist by night.

He’s worked for over 60 companies as a content writer but his true passion is children’s lit.

He studied Education and English at University of Central Florida before realizing his true passion was to be a kids book author so he dropped out to go to art school.

He’s the author and/or Illustrator of many books including: Billy the Dragon, Gail the Snail, I Want to Be a Nurse When I Grow Up, and Lucas the Dinosaur Entrepreneur

Shalonda Archibald

Shalonda is a New Jersey Literacy Coach with a 17 year history of teaching grades 5-12

She is a Board Member of the New Jersey Literacy Association and an adjunct professor at Kean University’s department of early childhood.

In addition to literacy, Shalonda is passionate about teacher self-care and sees it as her calling to inspire educators toward growth in their mental health.

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