Entrepreneurial Poetry: The Mountain of Shoulds

“The Mountain of Shoulds”

You should cut your hair… you don’t take care of yourself enough, and that’s your personal brand.

You should invest in making TikToks.

You should be making more blogs, in fact you need an entire blog-making strategy, seo seo seo. It’s up front invest for long term site traffic.

You should buy this thing.

…that one’s actually so easy to internally justify when we want a thing.

You should revamp your website. It sucks.

You should be drowning out the noise and just focusing on getting customers.

Talking to them, showing the value and making sales.

You should do case studies.

And when you do case studies you should do this thing and that thing.

You aren’t posting enough on Instagram.

Forget Instagram. LinkedIn. You’re missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

Clubhouse. Unicorn. Better get in early.

You should

You should

You should

Should you

Sometimes its good to just know what all the shoulds are, and then focus on what you can do that you think will generate the biggest near term wins.

Or… should you focus on building the long term stuff now?


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