What is a Classroom Podcast? Why and How to Use It.

Everyone is talking about podcasting. As educators we want to make sure we’re on top of what is new and trending in technology and life in general and use it in the classroom effectively and appropriately.

But, like, podcasts?

I’ve done a lot of digging and there are actually a ton of classrooms using podcasting in really cool ways.

One thing I found is that podcasting in the classroom can really mean 3 different things.

How do you define a classroom podcast? A classroom podcast can either refer to a podcast students listen to in the classroom with activities, a classroom making a podcast together, or an educator making a podcast for their classroom

Okay, that’s 3 very different things, but all 3 ways of using podcasting in the classroom are amazing and can boost a number of different skills.

Lets cover each one:

  • Using the best kids podcasts on the internet in the classroom
  • Making a classroom podcast with your students
  • Creating a teacher-led podcast to help you teach your favorite subject

Using the best kids podcasts on the internet in the classroom

When most people think of podcasting in the classroom, this is what they think of.

Using a podcast as a station option is amazing:

  • Listening skills
  • Reflective thinking
  • Student self-direction

Teach Create Motivate wrote an incredibly in-depth article on strategies for using podcasts in the classroom that I highly recommend.

Also here is a list of the best classroom podcasts to pair with those activities.

Making a classroom podcast with your students

What is it? You, today, can create a podcast with your classroom that gets published to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Everywhere else, for free.

  • I could be called:
    • Mrs Jones’ Classroom Podcast
    • Mrs Jones’ Classroom
    • The Best Classroom in the World
    • Mrs Jones’ Classroom Literacy Adventure

None of those names are taken (as of me writing this). And the options are endless.

Why do it? Imagine plopping a microphone down at a table for stations and saying to your kids:

“You guys are about to be podcast hosts of a real podcast. All you have to do is write an episode (a report) on [so-and-so-author/person from history] and get ready to present it on the mic.”

  • We’re talking boosting:
    • literacy skills
    • writing skills
    • reading skills
    • presenting skills
    • speech
    • self confidence
    • and so much more

Picture how much those kids are going to brag to their parents and how excited they’ll be to make them download and listen to their episode.

How to do it:

I actually wrote an in depth step by step guide, but if you feel pretty handy and just want an overview, here it is:

  • Download Anchor and Make an Account
  • Create a Cover Art
  • Record Using Your Phone with or without a mic attached
  • Edit the Audio Directly in the Anchor App
  • Publish from the app

Here’s my in-depth step by step guide.

Creating a teacher-led podcast to help you teach your favorite subject

As far as the how-to is concerned, you can follow all the steps above to make this podcast.

Why make a podcast where you are the host and your classroom is the audience? I can think of 3 reasons:

1: You could record sections of class time as an episode and publish it for anyone who wasn’t able to come to class that day

2: You could record class time from home and publish it as an episode for the substitute to play when you’re sick

3: You could use it to supplement your homework assignments with helpful audio

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