5 Steps to Easily Make a Classroom Podcast

I don’t know about you, but to me, creating a classroom podcast seems as easy as designing an app that tracks the gps of pandas… i.e. hard.

It doesn’t help that articles written on how to do it look like the blueprints for Microsoft. But just like me, you would be shocked at how easy it is.

So how easy is it?

How do you create a classroom podcast for your students? To create a classroom podcast with your students, download an app like Anchor, make an account, create a square piece of cover art, upload it, and record your first episode using your phone’s microphone.

Ok. Sound simple. Let’s break that down step by step and also for coming to me I made a REALLY easy way to get great cover art for your classroom podcast.

  1. Download Anchor and Make an Account
  2. Create a Square Piece of Cover Art
  3. Record Using Your Phone’s Mic
  4. Edit Directly in the App
  5. Publish to Apple Podcasts and Everywhere Else

Download Anchor and Make an Account

Let’s get this out of the way: Anchor is free. It’s like Instagram for podcasting. They make it so easy.

But there’s still some setup so let’s walk right through it!

  1. Download the app
  2. Create an Account

Create a Square Piece of Cover Art

I see 3 great options here.

1. Create it yourself if you’ve got graphic design chops

Know you’re way around Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator? Go for it. Can I see it when you’re done? I love getting to know fellow designers.

2. Have your students create it

To do this, just get a big square piece of paper and make a classroom activity out of making the cover art. Make sure the title is clearly visible.

I recommend using Google Photo Scan to take a picture of the cover and let the app “scan” it.

Then upload it to the google photos app and touch the magic wand to have google clean it up for you. Or use your favorite photo editing app.

Alternatively, you could just edit it in Instagram and download it.

3. Let me give you a killer one for free

I had my design team mock up 10 great designs for classroom podcasts.

Drop me your info and I’ll have my team make you one like these for free. You’ll get the design in a week.

In the “Message” part just tell me which design you want yours to be like.

Record Using Your Phone’s Mic

Again this part’s super easy but let’s talk it through.

Believe it or not, your phone’s mic is actually really good. You wouldn’t think so because on phone calls everyone sounds so bad.

But that’s more to do with cell towers than the hardware in your phone. Ever record and play back a voice memo? Those things sound awesome.

You don’t need a fancy mic to make great audio.

You’re podcast listeners will still be able to tell a quality difference between you and say This American Life, but hear me out for a sec:

Even GaryVee posts episodes directly from his phone mic. The creation of the content itself is where the magic is.

Let’s say you want to add a touch of professionalism and have the visual aid to your students that they’re doing some professional voice-over work.

Heart set on a mic, I recommend the Blue Snowball Mic for your classroom:

Source: HayKsaakian
  • It’s not a bad mic, quality-wise.
  • You can plug it into your Android, iPhone, or Classroom tablet.
  • It’s stand is super table/desk friendly.
  • It’s a great visual.
  • You can find ’em used on Ebay for really cheap.
  • It can take a beating.
Popeye Punch GIF - Popeye Punch Brutus GIFs
Source: Tenor

Edit Directly in the App

While talking you can tap the flag to add a flag to the audio that will make editing really easy.

This is what you see when you hit record in Anchor

I use this feature so that I can:

  1. hit record before I actually intend to start the episode
  2. have some pre-episode conversation
  3. hit the flag and start the episode
  4. finish the episode and hit the flag to keep recording post episode conversation.

What this lets me do is easily fix in post editing where the real start and end of the episode is in the in app editor.

This is what you see right after you stop the recording.

Publish to Apple Podcasts and Everywhere Else

This is how easy publishing is:

You just name it, describe it, and hit publish.

When you publish, Anchor automatically get’s your podcast on all the major platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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